Joystick / Touch

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The Joystick/Touch is a useful control module combining a Joystick controlled CV generator/processor and a pair of Touch Plates. The sections are independent but complimentary.

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Joystick Section:
The Joystick is built around a high quality Japanese two axis unit with 35mm long control shaft (non-removeable) and smooth unsprung action. You can think of it as a pair of manual controls, with the X & Y axes behaving in identical manner, each governed by the setting of two switches:
– Internal / External – this selects whether the joystick processes an external input or uses an internal voltage source to generate a variable DC output.
– Unipolar / Bipolar – for Internal setting, this selects the output to be either 0 to +10V (Unipolar) or -5V to +5V

(Bipolar), while for External setting this gives 0 to +1 amplification (Unipolar) or -1 to +1 amplification (bipolar)
See the diagram for a graphical representation of this.

Each axis has a bi-colour LED with green indicating positive voltage output and red indicating negative.

Touch Section:
The two Touch Plates generate DC output voltages depend on physical touch – ranging from 0V to +10V based on the position of your finger (move down for less response) and how hard you press. There is a red LED for each Pressure output along with a Gate Output (0 Lo, +10V Hi) for each Touch Plate.

The sensitivity of response can be adjusted to suit the user by adjusting the trimmer on the rear of the PCB.

The Joystick/Touch is very similar to my old CTL2 design (pre 2013).

Size: 2FW
Current: +ve 60mA, -ve 20mA