Chirper Expander

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Expander for the Chirper 3FW.

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The Expander joins to the main Chirper 3FW to greatly widen the possibilities by combining the oscillators & adding utilities.

  • The top section features an 8-stage digital shift register (without feedback path) with outputs summed by R2R networks to generate stepped 0 to +10V waveforms.
    • these can either take clock & data from Oscs 1&2 or any external source. The Digital-to-Analogue (DtoA) outputs each sum a different 4 outputs from the shift registers.
  • The middle section is a basic Sample & Hold plus a White Noise generator for random generation.
    • the S&H can source from the White Noise or an external signal & can be triggered either by Osc2 or an external signal.
  • The bottom section is a simple glide/filter scaled mainly to low frequency smoothing.

The expander connects to the Chirper with a 12cm 2-way cable (supplied).

Size: 1FW
Current: +ve 25mA, -ve 20mA