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Thick audio phasing!

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The Phaser module is built around 12 all-pass filter stages (using 2164 VCAs for low-noise), thus making a 6-pole phaser for thick sounds! There is actually a jumper on the rear to allow 4 or 5 pole operation, but why would you want a tamer sound?!

The design offers:

  • Feedback can be internal or external – if you wanted to integrate some other processing into the loop, just take the direct wet Phase output and bring it back in via the Fdbk input. Feedback goes up to around self-oscillation ranges, especially if the input signal is below the system standard +/-5V amplitude
  • the Polarity switch affects the phase of both the wet phase output & the feedback path to give two distinct sonic phase responses
  • Output mixing of Dry & Wet to zone in on the perfect phasing balance – or mix externally, pan things, go crazy & make your ears spin
  • two modulation inputs, each with attenuator & polarity switch

Note that the current draw is relatively high for this module!

Size: 2FW
Current: +ve 95mA, -ve 95mA