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W.O.M. - Workshop Osc Machine PRO (Archive)


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**SOLD OUT - await a new workshop/teaching design**

The Workshop Oscillator Machine (WOM) has been designed as a simple DIY kit to introduce some basic electronic techniques in workshop events. Parts kits with PCB, all components and detailed instructions are sold from time to time. As of October 2010, kits have changed very slightly to V.3.1 status and all kits for sale (ie. outside of workshop events) are now labeled PRO and feature the nice mini-pots as found on the Weevil designs.

The WOM is a compact one-board-synth featuring 3 oscillators (with pitch dials, plus range and sync switches), 3 channel mixer / drive / tone section, power starvation (stable or instable switchable) 1/4" jack out or onboard mini-amp, 9 dials, 8 switchs, 11 body contacts and 9v battery operation.

Sound Demo MP3s from V1 WOM (lofi recording straight into laptop / no effects):
Part 1 - basic oscillations / mixing plus power starvation at the end
Part 2 - showing the OscSync sounds
Part 3 - full play with starvation, body contacts, random

Workshop Events - small sessions for 10-15 people have been held around the UK, in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Norway and the Netherlands. Everyone gets to build their own kit (to keep at the end) and it is simple enough to complete in only a few hours, even for people with zero prior electronics experience.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop event in 2011, please get in touch via the Contact Page.

WOM PRO Kits - these DIY kits include absolutely ALL parts. Kits are easy to put together and all you need are a few basic tools (Soldering Iron / Solder / Wire Snippers).

You can download:
The main instruction documetation (PDF c.1Mb)
Further details - schematic, bill-of-materials, etc (PDF c.250Kb)
Supplement for the WOM PRO version (PDF c.200Kb)

And there is a thread for Q&A at the Muff Wiggler Forum here

Added on Tuesday 30 December, 2008.