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Production of these is now finished – new version design in progress 2020!

Back again for 2014/5 with a few small changes from the original 2013 version
– updated I/O circuitry including Impedance Balanced Output
– Bypass is now a Toggle Switch
– fine tunings to extend Frequency and Q ranges

The PEQ (Parametric Equaliser) combines 3 fully Parametric EQ sections with Low and High Cut filtering and provides, in a compact yet ergonomic form, a versatile tool for corrective or creative equalisation.

The three Parametric sections are identical other than being tuned to different (and overlapping) frequency ranges and are based on State-Variable filter topographies. Each section offers cut or boost of 15dB over a variable frequency range, with bandwidth variable between approximately 1/3 and 3 Octaves for gentle or pronounced effects.
Frequency Ranges: Low 20Hz to 340Hz – Mid 80Hz to 2.4kHz – High 600Hz to 16kHz

Low and High Cut Butterworth Filters bookend the Parametric sections (see block diagram) and give 12dB/Octave response.
Frequency Ranges: Low Cut 20Hz to 1.4kHz – High Cut 400 to 20kHz

The PEQ is designed to work with line level signals covering the full audio spectrum and is ideal for use as a series or insert effect – the Input is on unbalanced 1/4″ jack, while the Output is on Impedance Balanced 1/4″. An input buffer precedes the bypass toggle switch (with Active LED indicator). Unity gain is achieved through the equaliser sections with Low Cut fully counter-clockwise, High Cut fully clockwise and the three Cut/Boost dials set to their middle positions.

The panel design aims for spacious layout and implements oversized knobs for fine frequency adjustments. The worldwide PSU powers an internal bipolar 15V DC-DC converter for wide signal headroom. A Peak indicator monitors the signal at each stage of the PEQ to detect overload.

Technical Specifications:
Input – Mono (unbalanced) 1/4″ Jack // Output – Mono (Impedance Balanced) 1/4″
Power – 12V DC 500mA supply, centre-positive, 2.1mm connector.
(worldwide 90-240VAC wall-wart provided with interchangeable mains plug adaptors)

The PEQ is enclosed in a custom aluminium case (based on the Modular line) with PCB material front and side panels. Dimensions approx 5.25″ x 5″ x 3.5″

One year parts warranty.
Price: £190 (+ VAT in EU – £228 inc.) + Shipping

Original 2013 Specs:
Frequency Ranges: Low 30Hz to 340Hz – Mid 180Hz to 2.2kHz – High 1.2kHz to 16kHz
Frequency Ranges: Low Cut 20Hz to 400Hz – High Cut 400 to 20kHz

SoundCloud Demo Sounds (using V1 PEQ):

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