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MicroCrusher (Archive)


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All gone! Not to be repeated! But look out for ... something late 2014...

The Micro BugCrusher returns after two years away - updated and in a new package. You can read about the old version on the archive site here.

The BugCrusher effect comes from using a Sample & Hold circuit clocked at audio rates - this Sample Rate Reduction is an analogue process and should not be confused with BitCrushing [most BitCrush plugins will have Sample Rate and Bit Depth controls]. Rate Reduction sounds somewhat like RingModulation, but tends to appear more musical - at high frequencies you get a fizzle to the sound while maintaining most of the original audio, and at low frequencies any high notes will seem to wrap-around and the overall sound is much more chaotic. You could read about Aliasing and Nyquist for further technical details.

The Micro or μCrusher features two simple controls, one to set the Sample Rate and one to Blend between the Dry and Effected signals.

There is a button to Engage/Bypass the effect with a status LED. As the case and switch are not designed to be stompable, an external footswitch can be attached via the front jack socket. This should be a simple momentary switch such as keyboard sustain pedal. Switching is achieved electronically and is noiseless - the effect is not true-bypass and audio always passes through an input buffer amplifier even when bypassed. The devices has a unity gain structure and applies no amplification to signals.

The Micro is happy with instrument or line input signals. Input and Output connections are on the rear with standard Mono 1/4" Jack Sockets - note that Mono cables should always be used as inserting a jack plug into the Input socket serves to apply power to the unit in typical stompbox manner.

Power is supplied on a standard external 'Boss-type' 9V Regulated DC Supply with 2.1mm centre-negative barrel plug. A simple battery connector is also supplied with each unit. Max. power consumption is 10mA and the device is polarity and over-current protected.

The MicroCrusher features PCB material panel and end-cheeks and is enclosed in a metal case measuring 12 x 8 x 4.5 cm. Some of the metal cases come in black dependent on supply. Each device comes in a stamped cardboard box with instruction sheet. The Micro is covered by a 1 year parts & workmanship guarantee.

[Note - due to the nature of the manufacture of the PCB panels there can sometimes be slight scuffs and marks when I receive them - I don't sell bad ones, but they are never absolutely pristine - just to be clear]

Audio examples:

Guitar1 Guitar2 Bass1 Bass2
The Guitar and Bass were fed into a Sansamp pedal then into the MicroCrusher. A fully dry phrase is heard first, followed by examples blend levels c.30% 60% 100% and with High/Medium/Low rate settings.

Modular Oscillator
A simple resonant patch to show the vocal frequencies that can be generated.

A more choatic patch on the BugBrand Modular run through the uCrusher.

Casio RZ1

Added on Wednesday 24 November, 2010.