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Archive sounds (mp3s)

Here's a few recent snippets of sound from the bug modules. These are presented pretty much warts-and-all -> live takes recorded straight in pure MONO (!) either with a mic straight in front of an amp or direct to a soundcard - no effects..

Plinking LPGs - this involves a bunch of clock divisions, driving three Oscillator chains (no keyboard pitching here). The VCOs, tuned manually and modulate with direct clock signals then go through three LoPassGates controlled by three simple Envs which have different clock divsions.. A bit of wobble tuning in there!
drubub - a rhythmic one where a trigger seq plays throughout and extra clock divisions build on top. Quite an extendo, but the rhythmics become very bouncy towards the end.
6width_extract - a short burst from an elongated take using only a few modules (6frac width, hence the title - early tests of the new BugModular systems). There are no traditional VCOs in there - feedback variations causes the rhythms to shift and bounce

It has been about 3.5 years since I released any Bugs recordings proper - the modular provides audio clay which doesn't lend itself to songs or such, so most 'documenting' recordings I've done have just been long free runs. I don't feel like editing these on a computer and, actually, the way they flow is interesting as is. So, here are some, warts and all - there'd be more but I lost a whole hard-drive with all of last year's recordings by dropping it on the floor...
All these tracks are recorded in mono straight from the modular output. A small amount of EQ and compression has been applied in software, but that's all...
Note that they're quite large files - I'd recommend downloading them and then burning to CD so you can take them away from your computer. For best results play on a system which can produce decent bass.
bbef - beat driven - from Mar08 - 12 mins
extraday - slow beatish - from Feb08 - 16 mins
highandlow - slow moving extension top and bottom - from Mar08 - 23 mins
lows - bass hits with crunch - from Mar08 - 6 mins
morehi - swirling hi frequency modulation - from Mar08 - 20 mins
Even Older (?2007?)

Modular Gristiliser Demos - pretty rough'n'ready demo-sounds - first one is with guitar, second one with XRVCO. Gristle1, Gristle2

Sounds using the Control Rack for rhythmics and modulations, plus the M2CV for MIDI control. The first four minutes are a cut-up of various wierdy, all-over-the-place sounds and then it clicks into a rhythmic wonky techno sort of thing.. 7 minute chopped together demonstration (mp3 - 6.4MB)

A quick burst of demonstration sounds from the Test Boxes:
Deep Synth Sounds, Delay Hyper Mods, Guitar Chop, Guitar Delay Decay, Guitar Under Bubble, Hi Bends with Filter
Modular Feedback Filter, Moving LFO, Regular Rhythm Delay Mod, Rising Harmonics, Synth Line, Tune Noise, Whistlee

And some sounds with new developments - lofi loop sampler and Wasp filter:
Looper Guitar1, Looper Guitar2, Looper Guitar Short

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