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2020 – I still have a very few DRM1Xs available – NOT the DRM1s themselves though!
DRM1X Connection Guide PDF

Resplendent with a panoply of Banana Sockets and smattering of Control Dials, the DRM1X MD Expander truly opens up the synth-roots of the DRM1 Major Drum. This arrangement, the DRM1+X, combines the two in a 5FW powered case.

I/O / Functions from the top: (banana colours follow my Modular Standards)
-Envelope Outputs– Independent outputs for each of the four envelopes – range 0 to +10V
-Filter Input– Direct input to the filter (sums with Noise/Ext if selected on DRM1) – expects +/-5V audio signal
-Audio Outputs– Direct outputs of the Osc waveforms (Triangle & Square) along with White Noise – all +/-5V audio signals
-Osc FCV / ACV + FM2 / AM dials– CV inputs for the Osc side, each with bipolar attenuator (gives inverted anti-clockwise, centre off and non-inverted clockwise). The Amp Init dial manually controls the section VCA, allowing it to be opened for drones. The FCV can be switched to an internal 0.5V source so that the Osc FM2 dial becomes a Fine Tune control covering 1 Octave range – inputs expect typical 10V peak-to-peak signals, +/-5V or 0-10V.
-Filter FCV / ACV + FM2 / AM dials– As for the Osc controls above, but minus the fine-tune option.
-Sync– Allows the Osc to by sync’d to an external signal for rich Hard-Sync sounds. When switched to Mstr the Osc is sync’d by the Master Trigger inside the DRM1 (previously set with internal jumper on DRM1) – Syncs from any signal over approx +1V.
-Filter Mode– Replaces the internal jumper setting which selects Low-or-High-pass output from the filter (combines with Filter Output switch on DRM1)
-Filter Trig– Allows independent triggering of the Filter Envelopes (kind of makes the device a two drum system!). The Envs can be fired by the Manual push button or a signal to the FilterTrig Input, plus they can still also be fired by the Master Trigger from the DRM1 – Triggers from any signal over approx +1V.

For sounds – check the DRM1 page – most of the sounds there are made with a setup of one Expanded and one normal DRM1.

The DRM1+X is housed in a custom aluminium enclosure (7.5 x 5.25 x 3.5 inch) with PCB material front and side panels. The case holds a DC/DC converter which converts the 12VDC external supply (minimum 500mA, 2.1mm centre positive) to the bipolar +/-15V internal power. A 90-250VAC worldwide power pack is included with interchangeable plug socket adaptors.
As with the DRM1, the DC input & black banana 0V socket are mounted on the back of the unit.

The DRM1+X is covered by a 2 year parts warranty.
Price – £415 (+VAT in EU – £498) + shipping
Note – for now the DRM1+X combo does not have a stamped cardboard box like other devices – sorry!

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