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Lunettas - simple CMOS logic applications

Some ideas inspired by the Lunettas Forum at electro-music.com

These simple circuits are meant to be quicky'n'dirty and make use of some of the wide variety of chips available in the 4000 CMOS logic series. The schematics generally just show the simplest possible setup for the chip (check out the datasheets for more info). Its an open ended system for experimentation - either at audio rates (for synthesis) or low freqs (for rhythmic clocking). Please share ideas/pictures/sounds at the electro-music.com forum!

General notes:
- I'm running my system off the +12v supply of my modular setup. CMOS chips have wide power options, so a simple 5v supply would be perfectly adequate and may be more easily intergrated with other modular devices (make sure, though, not to pump negative voltages into the inputs or voltages over the chip's supply voltage). Each schematic shows the power pins for the chip, plus standard stabilizing (eg 100u electro) and decoupling caps (eg 100n ceramic).
- for LED indicators I'm using low-power LEDs which require just 2mA to light. These simply attach to any ouput through a 4k7 current limiting resistor to ground (giving c. 2.5mA)
- all 'in-use' inputs are tied to ground through 100k pull-down resistors. Make sure not to leave any inputs 'hanging' - either tie them high or low (check the datasheets for more details)
- front panel files are made using the good'n'cheap FrontDesigner software version 3.0 from Abacom. All panels are Frac sized. I don't give PCBs for these designs because of their similicity - I've generally just whacked them together on a little bit of stripboard.

Designs are for: 4015 Dual 4Stage Shift-Reg // 4089 Rate Multiplier // 4094 8Stage Shift-Reg // 40106-4077 Oscs-XNOR
Zip files for: Schematics // FrontPanels

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