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Inspiring & Informational Links

Here's a collection of various circuit related links. There's so much out there to learn from - constant sources of inspiration!

PostModular - a UK based distributor of Eurorack modules.
The electro-music.com DIY forums - absolutely the best electronic / synthDIY related forum going.
Ken Stone / Cat Girl Synth - Ken's site has been integral to my own learning. He offers an amazing array of interesting designs - several of these are also available from Metalbox and Elby Designs.
Music From Outer Space - Ray Wilson's designs ranging from really fun beginners projects up to full modular wonders. Plenty of kits and PCBs available.
Scott Stites' Synth DIY pages - with lots of Thomas Henry projects too. Scott is an absolutely top-notch guy! There are a few more Thomas Henry projects available from Magic Smoke Electronics too.
PAIA - lots of good project kits and the source of the good-value Fracrak modular frame. Also they stock the great Electronic Projects For Musicians book by Craig Anderton.
Foniktronik - Matthias Hermann's great pages with lots of info and several well documented project files.
Squarewave Parade - top-notch devices and a bunch of useful infos too.
J├╝rgen Haible - ace synth designs
Smallbear Electronics - great independent parts supplier
Rapid Electronics - the best place in the UK for parts (not so good for outside UK, though, due to shipping costs)
Cloned Analog Gear - many pdfs of old magazine articles on how to build many interesting electronic instruments
General Guitar Gadgets - great and detailed stompbox orientated site
GEOFEX - mainly for stompboxes, good learning resource
Synapse Magazine - Online from the late 70s, this super magazine has several good circuit articles, a load of musical essays and interviews with people like Terry Riley.
Matrixsynth Blog
Muffwiggler Forum

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