The Sonic Dissemination Tower

The new improvised electronic trio runs entirely on battery power, allowing for guerilla performance in previously untapped acoustic spaces. Three operatives hunch around a central Sonic Dissemination Tower, feeding it with the sounds of a vast array of handbuilt BugBrand devices.

Low voltage, high trauma.


the 9v Cell at the Snail Gallery, Bristol

Nothing booked right now...

29th Oct 2005 - Cutting Up My Friends @ the Cube Cinema, Bristol
11th June 2005 - The Crypt, St.Paul's Church, Bristol
4th June 2005 - The Snail Gallery, Venn Festival, Bristol

The Instruments:

Contact Facemasks

Two copper-touchplate sonic facemasks with glowing eyes.

...not very comfortable to wear.!.

The Doctor is a Cracklebox clone and the Robot is built around a PostcardWeevil.

The images were drawn by twocsinak and transfered to copper board for etching (like making PCBs). These masks were made for Mr.Hopkinson's Cutting Up My Friends launch night where the 9vCell performed in the dark beneath the Cube auditorium, with sound and image (filmed in nightvision) being projected up to the audience above.

Weevil Suitcase

Weevil Suitcase

The prototype for the Weevil Saxes, built into a very portable flightcase.

The box is an all-in-one processor and chaos creator. An audio input, an analogue ring-mod, a digi-ring-mod (Weevil Kneivel style), VC resonant filter, VCA and envelope follower.

Sound Example (about 10Mb)

Custom Mixer

No sounds from here, but it an integral part of any setup - its all about routing (and making feedback loops).

Four input channels with preamps that feed into 4 mixer strips - that makes 3 aux sends and 1 master channel. Also incorporates a dual VU meter with one side showing the level of one of the input channels (switchable between each input) and the other showing each channel's output level.

Princeton Delay

Two independent stomp boxes housed in one damnsturdy case.

The 1st circuit is a Princeton Overdrive as found on the Runoffgroove site.

The 2nd circuit is another delay circuit (similar to the one further down the page) but this one adds crazed modulation. The modulation changes the delay time and, therefore, the pitch of the delay - so with trianglewave modulation you get sounds that gradually rise & fall in pitch, while the squarewave modulation makes the pitch jump so you can create wierd octave shifting effects.

Weevil Kneivel

New prototype of a Weevil with 6 ring-mod oscs, with additional resonant low-pass filter and modulation LFO. Super screamy.

Sound Example

Dual Sampler - Cigar box version

Dual Sampler

An audio signal of up to about half a minute can be recorded onto the box's two lo-fidelity sampling chips. Samples can then be played back as loops and pitched either with a knob or with body contact points. The dual chips allow the same sample to be recorded onto both chips at the same time so that phasing playback can be initiated, and you can join multiple short bursts of recording together into one big sample.

Sound Example 1 (with acoustic guitar) Sound Example 2 (with throat mic)

Weevil Console

Weevil Console

The noisy heart of a Weevil housed inside an old Grandstand games console that makes good use of the joystick controllers for pitching of the ring-mod oscillators.

Sound Example

Filter Box

Filter Box

An all analogue effects box with low/band-pass resonant filter followed by a VCA. A piezo-trigger controlled envelope generator and vari-speed LFO provide a bunch of modulation to the processing sections and its finished off with circuit bend body contacts.

Sound Examples (processing the named signals):
Acoustic Guitar, LightOsc - Low wave bubbles, Light Osc - Trigger Operation, Light Osc - Body Contact Operation, Ride Cymbal

Spring Reverb

Spring Reverb

A spring reverb tray and mixer/driver unit to drench sounds in lucious waves of distance.

Delay Box

Delay Box

A little digital delay (using the PT2399 chip). Under-clocking leads to long delays with added digital noises and the feedback control allows for severe overloading. Plus body contacts for bending the delay time.

Contact Mics

Contact mics are put to diverse use within the 9v Cell. For example, each operative has a mic strapped around their neck for throatal groans and hums.

The pictured contact mic has wires of various gauges soldered underneath.
Sound Example