The Weevil Saxophones
April 2005 - two electronic devices were built for Mats Gustafsson and Dror Feiler of Sweden. These devices were based around the alto saxophone and used the sax as a controller/modifier that hooked up to a big box of electronics. The saxes contained a large variety of controllers (body contacts, light dependents, pressure sensors, piezo triggers and microphones) and connected to the electronic boxes which contained a bunch of analogue circuitry (ring mods, filters, amplifiers, mixers, audio inputs and envelope followers).

So the building was undoubtedly one of the biggest projects I've undertaken.. But there will be plenty of spin off boxes appearing soon, and I got a fantastic trip to Sweden to deliver the two saxes, going to the Open Music Festival in Ystad, at which Nash Control (Mats, Dror and Lasse Marhaug) and OOIOO (Yoshimi from the Boredoms) were playing.

So this page gives details of the whole process - both the building and the trip to Sweden.
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23rd April:
Mats & Dror open their packages like little kids at christmas time.


Show at the Ystad Theatre with OOIOO and Nash Control.


24th April:
Wandering around Ystad in the morning and then improvised music at the Museum in the afternoon.


Building the Weevil Saxes:



Initial work on the first saxophone.


Finishing the first sax and start of board work.


Completion of the boards.


Front panel work.


First box working.


Cable building and second box..