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THIS IS AN ARCHIVE SITE!!! -- this info is just here now for interest.


15th Dec 2008
The final batch of 10 AudioWeevils is now released.

Christmas post details (for Postcard Weevils)
- UK final orders taken Thurs 18th
- Friday 12th was the final posting day for Euro / Worldwide so that's missed now...

Contact Mics will NOT be returning now - too much else to do, sorry...

Changes are coming at the start of 2009 - keep your eyes open!

I build all my devices by hand in small batches so there's rarely very much in stock.
I generally do mailouts when new boxes are added to the shop, so join the mailing list to stay informed...
- use this email for general shop enquiries too.

In Stock:
I try to keep the PostcardWeevils in regular stock but other things go quick...

Serials 1-10 (dark red/brown) released 15thSept08 - SOLD OUT
Serials 11-20 (dark green) released 15thOct08 - SOLD OUT
Serials 21-25 (black) released 15thOct08
Serials 26-40 (black) released 17thNov08 - SOLD OUT
Serials 41-46 (black small) - personal
Serials 47-56 (black small) released 15thDec08 - SOLD OUT

Serials 57-60 (black small) - personal

The new AudioWeevil08.
Sloped case with pro-panel.
Supplied with 6xAA batteries and 3 year guarantee.

The price is £190 plus shipping.
All shipping rates are Royal Mail priority services with insurance.

***note this final batch uses a slightly different case design - smaller and non-sloping - check the image here***


AudioWeevil08 with UK Shipping - £198


AudioWeevil08 with Euro Shipping - £203


AudioWeevil08 with Worldwide Shipping - £208


Released late Dec07 & in regular production
Changed from GreenPCB to YellowPCB Nov08

New version now with 3 oscs, 2 ringmods, 5 dials, 9 body-contacts, lofi mini-jack output and onboard amp/speaker.

£35 plus shipping
Includes battery & instruction sheet.
Packed in a stamped brown paper bag.

UK - £38.00 inc P&P & Battery


Europe - £38.50 inc P&P & Battery


Worlwide - £39.00 inc P&P & Battery


Workshop Osc Machine KIT
Released Nov08

A DIY kit for introduction to soldering & electronics - plus you get a very fun sonic device at the end and a feeling of satisfaction!

It does need to be built by you, but it isn't too tricky - perfectly buildable by beginners - just take your time and follow the detailed instructions.

Comes with PCB + absolutely ALL parts + B&W printed documentation.
All you need are: Soldering Iron (+stand + cleaner) / Solder / Wire Cutters
(more details in the documentation available here)

UK - £43.00 inc postage


Europe - £43.50 inc postage

All kits are taken for now - I hope to make some more up shortly

Worlwide - £44.00 inc postage


Batch of 20 released 20th Aug 08
Update - - sorry, all gone now!

2008 version now with 3 oscs, 2 ringmods, power starve, filter, miniamp and 9-point touchplate.

£100 plus shipping
Includes battery, instruction sheet and 3 year guarantee

This batch is available in Blue or Yellow.
All shipping rates are Royal Mail priority services with insurance.

Weevil08 Blue with UK Shipping - £107

The whole batch is now sold out!

Weevil08 Yellow with UK Shipping - £107


Weevil08 Blue with Euro Shipping - £110


Weevil08 Yellow with Euro Shipping - £110

The whole batch is now sold out!

Weevil08 Blue with World Shipping - £114


Weevil08 Yellow with World Shipping - £114


Batch of 6 released 20th Aug 08
Update - sorry, all gone now!

The most compact BugCrusher yet!
Single Crush control, electronic bypass stomp, 9v operation (internal battery or boss-style DC Jack)

£70 plus shipping
Comes with 3 year guarantee, battery and printed instructions

UK - £77.00 inc P&P & Battery


Europe - £80.00 inc P&P & Battery

Sorry - this batch is now gone!

Worlwide - £82.50 inc P&P & Battery


Fly Contact Microphones
- packed in stamped brown-paper-bag with instruction sheet
1 x Fly with UK P&P £7.00 Out
3 x Fly with UK P&P £16.50 of
1 x Fly with European P&P £7.50 stock
3 x Fly with European P&P £17.00 for
1 x Fly with Worldwide P&P £8.00 now
3 x Fly with Worldwide P&P £17.50 !

BugBrand T-Shirts
I'm now screen-printing my own TShirts.

Sizes & Colours :
Ladies Medium Skinny Fit - Red or Yellow
Mens Medium - Red, Sky Blue, Dark Green, Dark Blue
Mens Large - Red, Sky Blue, Dark Green, Dark Blue

With print in:
Dark Blue, Dark Green, Mid Red or Bright Yellow

£6 plus shipping - please email me specifying size and colour.

BugBrand TShirt - £6 when combined with any other items.


BugBrand TShirt - £8 with UK Shipping


BugBrand TShirt - £8.50 with EU Shipping


BugBrand TShirt - £9 with Worldwide Shipping


BugBrand Badges

Lovely 1" pin bagdes.
White on Black.

Only 50p when combined with small items such as contact mics.
Free with any of the bigger items - Postcards etc....
...while stocks last!

BugBrand Badge - £0.50
(only for use combined with other items)


Sold Out:
Because I'm small scale I never quite know whether I'll get to do more of a particular design...
And things often mutate over time too....

Stomp version - batch of 5 released 12th May 08
****sorry all gone now*****

Powerful BugCrushing, now in stomp format!
Also check the optional Crusher-Eye modulation down below...

£150 plus shipping
Comes with 3 year guarantee, AC power pack and instruction pamphlet.

Note: the supplied AC power will be one suitable for your location - UK / European / US versions available.

UK - £160 inc Royal Mail Special Delivery
Plus UK AC power supply


Europe - £164 inc Royal Mail Airsure Delivery
Plus Euro AC power supply

***sorry - all sold out again***

US - £171 inc Royal Mail Airsure Delivery
Plus US AC power supply



This is an optional extra for the BugCrusher08 - a light dependent CV source. Plug it into the Foot Control input and then dial in the modulation of Crush-Rate and/or Filter Cutoff.

Limited quantities at the moment!!

Crusher-Eye - £6.00

***all gone for now - more very soon - do email me****


- the design is gradually being updated.

Compact sample-rate reducer available in Desktop and Stomp versions.
Runs off 9v supply and features input boost/crunch, tone shaping and rate reduction from hi-fizzle to lo-gnarl.
Full details on the SoundDevices page


Knowledge of Bugs recordings:
Prices include UK P&P - use the buttons at the end of the list to add European or Worldwide postage.
Postage discounts available for multiple purchases - send me an email.

Tom Bugs Defekt
(Kning Disk Gallery Edition 25)
5 tracks on 3" CD.
Limited to 8 copies from Kning Disk.
/ /

BugBrand Audio Travels
(BugBrand BUG05)

2 tracks on 3" CDr. £4.50 SOLD OUT
The Shifted Sands
(BugBrand BUG04)
7 track album. £9.00  
You Got Tangled
(BugBrand BUG03)
1 (long) track on CDr. £5.50 SOLD OUT
My Way No Way
(Piehead PIE026)
6 track album. £7.50  
The Woodwork EP
(Clean Cut CCT03)
4 tracks + 2 remixes CD EP. £6.00  
European P&P
For 1 CD £0.50  
European P&P
For 2 or more CDs £1.20  
Worldwide P&P
For 1 CD £0.80  
Worldwide P&P
For 2 or more CDs £1.50