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I used to do far more photographs (film not digital)...
Photos taken on an Olympus XA-2 - the prints look far better before digitisation...
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Around the UK with A Hawk & A Hacksaw & the Hun Hangar Ensemble
May 2007 - a tour organised by QU Junktions and CMN

A wonderful trip around the UK doing sound for the New Mexico duo A Hawk & A Hacksaw joined by four Hungarian musicians - Balasz (Cimbalom), Ferenc (Trumpet & Violin), Bela (Sax, Clarinet & Hungarian Bagpipes) and Zsolt (Double Bass) - the Hun Hangar Ensemble.

Check the band out at the Venn Festival (Bristol) at the start of June.

Tree Montage - Mar07
Blossoms emerging through the month outside the Bug-studio.

Malmo, Sweden. Feb07
There was lots of snow down south in Malmo.

Stockholm, Sweden. Feb07
After the Behind Beyond shows in Stockholm I had a couple of days free and was able to do a brief stint at the wonderful EMS studio (Institute for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden), where they have two amazing old modular synths - a Buchla 200 series and a Serge system. I went in with Kathy Hinde for some sonic investigations and when we came out it there was a fresh blanket of snow..

Stockholm, Sweden. Dec06
Working with Lotta Melin for an upcoming Sonic Dress performance. Testing out on-body circuitry for dance & experimentation.

Amsterdam & Rotterdam, Holland. Dec06
Delivery of a Drone Machine to Holland and playing in the Lysn group.