BugBrand Audio Devices - Euro Travels Autumn 2005

Seven gigs through five countries traveling by train for two and a half weeks with a suitcase of handbuilt electronic audio instruments. The preparation was hectic, but finally all the devices fitted snuggly into the flightcase.

The picture of instruments was re-created at home - a few of the travel boxes are missing and not everything is connected quite right, but it gives an idea of the potential chaos of the system, although as the shows progressed a 'standard configuration' was arrived at. The devices included: 3-string lapsteel, delays, lofi sample looper, AudioWeevil & Postcard Weevil, circuit-bent VSS30 sampling keys, filter box, small instruments and other sound makers. All the devices run off batteries for totally portable sounds.

The shows started off as improvised sonics, but along the way a couple of songs were written. These were quite freeformed - backing sounds would be built up and then lap-steel and voice would fall in on top.
You can here one of them here - Emergency Ahead (recorded at Nefertiti, Gothenburg)

The pictures on this page were taken with a fine little Olympus XA2 and a variety of films.
Clicking on any of the photos will open a hi-res version in a new window.

The Postcard Weevil
While most musicians may create a tour release, BugBrand chooses to produce a tour device. The Postcard Weevil is a mini battery operated noise device with two lofi oscillators with body contact pitching and a digi-ringmod.

Eight Postcards were made for sale at shows on the travels.

Begin 25th Sept
Megabus is cheap to London, National Express is not so cheap onwards to Standsted.
Stansted is uncomfortable if you have to spend the night there.
Early mornings become regular on the travels - the sky often burns.
Cheap flight to Leipzig, a little wandering in sunshine and then a train to Chemnitz (used to be called KarlMarxStadt).

Bright light on the flight. Reflective banana. An elephant out of place.
Urban flamingo. Pylons - first of many photos from trains. Old hotel in Chemnitz.

Voxxx, the venue for the first show, is a great place, but sadly it may be closing soon. It makes use of several parts of an old brewery building with some machinery still hanging from the ceiling.
Links: Voxxx

A faded exterior The old machines of Voxxx The Voxxx sign
Inside at the end of the night Voxxx night lights Leaving

26th Sept
Back to Leipzig to play at the tiny and warm Noch Besser Leben (trans. Even Better Living) - kind of like a front room with a little stage.

Tom Bugs - DEFEKT The morning after - time to leave  

27th Sept
Up to Berlin for a show at NBI with the tape manipulator Marcel Turkowsky.
Met John Callaghan who introduced me to the music of Hypnotique.
Walked down to the Staalplaat recordstore.
Links: Marcel Turkowsky, Goldmund, Staalplaat, Hypnotique

Marcel Turkowsky at NBI A perspective trick with the tower  
Door decor Some words  

30th Sept
A long ride to Amsterdam.
Visited the Get Records store and found Raymond Scott's Soothing Sounds For Baby.
An aftershow for an art exhibition opening, so not quite the place to showcase noise boxes, nor for the great Dan Geesin to play his harmonium.
Links: Get Records, Dan Geesin, Consortium Gallery

Metal iguanas The sound room that didn't work Art band - Oorbeek
Shooting into the sun with boats

See the swallow


2nd Oct
On the night train all the way to Vienna, surrounded by Germans eating spam and pickled eggs, waking up arrived on a Sunday morning.
The flea market in Vienna is on Saturday, not Sunday. It is apparently pretty good.
The bar Rhiz was a great place to play and demonstrate on a Sunday evening.
The sound engineer, Noid, was involved in some interesting sound projects including lloopp.
Links: lloopp, Rhiz

Slide film - comfortable cats Night street from Rhiz Early evening in Rhiz

4th Oct
By night to Hamburg and then straight on towards Copenhagen.


The train rolls onto a ferry to go between Germany and Denmark.
From this point on the weather is almost always glorious.

In the sea there were jellyfish On the shore there were wind turbines  
  Molten fountain Melted bike

In Copenhagen there is a very wonderful museum of musical instruments.
Links: Music Museum

There was sea mist in the morning Music boxes Miniature piano
Glass harmonium    

5th Oct
A great bridge provides quick connection between Copenhagen and southern Sweden.
Many things happen in Sweden...
Stay in Malmo at Nosordo Records HQ and meet Ljudbilden & Piloten.
Nosordo is organising the upcoming FullPull Festival.
Links: FullPull Festival, Ljuden & Piloten, Nosordo Records

Big dog & baby Exiting Malmo Distorted turbines

6th Oct
Joachim is the king of Gothenburg. He runs iDEAL Recordings, organises shows at Nefertiti and organises a chunk of the GAS Festival that runs all week.
The show is busy and wonderful. Daniel Skoglund, who builds wondrous electronic devices, plays outside to begin. Following the Bug show, there is Playdo (Lisa also plays in Midaircondo), then Lotta Melin and Ikue Mori, and finishing up with a powerful collaboration between Mats Gustafsson, Tim Barnes and Jim O'Rourke.
Elefantkvinnan recorded and released a 3" CDr of part of the Playdo show. Lovely.!.
Links: GAS Festival, Ideal Records, Midaircondo, Kning Disk, Nefertiti, Elefantkvinnan

Daniel Skoglund plays outside Gun Goteborg

8th Oct
The final show is in the afternoon. Bla (trans. Blue) is in a little old industrial area which over flows with art.
Links: Apartment Records, Bla, Salvatore, Amanda Steggell

Further early trains Scandinavian industry  
Overflowing art Bla John from Salvatore

Walking around the harbourside of Oslo with sunshine.

Fountations Norway water A fish

10th Oct
It is almost time to return to UK, so over to Stockholm.
Arriving into Stokholm at 7am, the sky is alight.
On search of percussion it becomes apparent that Stockholm looks wondrous and has a bunch of interesting music stores, both instruments and recordings.
Links: Birka Music, Lotta Melin, Mats Gustafsson

The sky burns    

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