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Modular Frames

From 2016 I return to the Blue with the first 'pre-configured' Modular Frame.

The designs build on my experiences with the Old-Blue (2009-13), but all circuitry is completely redesigned and re-imagined:
- super detailed circuitry
- spacious and ergonomic layouts
- compact with universal power
- scalable - two frames can easily be joined

Each Frame design aims to combine several complimentary functions in a coherent arrangement and patching is always free-flowing due to the use of bananas and standardised signal amplitudes. The seemingly basic building blocks feature neat tricks to set them apart from the standards and all combine in ways that far exceed the sum of their parts. Further frame designs will follow at a rate of around 1 per year.

Despite the fact that the systems are made from individual modules, I have no current plans to offer any full modular options/choice - I believe that the inherent 'limitations' (the basis of an instrument) of a pre-configured approach should be embraced in these days of excessive choice. Note that the systems can talk just fine with Old-Blue setups (or, indeed, any other Modular system or external controller), but a distinct line is drawn between the old and the new - you can not run Old-Blue modules in these new setups.

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Synth Voice

Synth Voice

***The 1st run of 60 all sold - hoping to do another run in 2018*** Note - Dual Filter Cutoff knobs have been changed to have Orange caps - this...
4mm Banana Cables

4mm Banana Cables

Various packs of stackable 4mm banana cables. Soft/flexible cable (c.4mm diameter) with moulded plugs. Good quality vs price ratio. Sample pack - 4...
Banana-to-Minijack Interface Cables

Banana-to-Minijack Interface Cables

Made to order - only for sale with my Banana devices (PT Delay/CO Filter/etc.). Please email me to place an order. 60cm interface cables for...