2130 VCO

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An expanded oscillator with Thru-Zero FM & Wave-Morphing.

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The 2130 VCO is built around the powerful new SSI2130 chip – a feature-rich oscillator core in a tiny package with on-board features like great tuning & temperature stability, Linear FM that can be easily made to go Through-Zero, and a waveform mixer that can be used to morph through wave outputs.

This was designed to be a relatively simple & spacious implementation of the chip – it has a reasonable number of bells & whistles but doesn’t try to cram everything in!

  • Audio or sub-audio rates, with decent tracking & temperature stability – two V/Oct inputs plus an extra Exponential FM input with attenuator
  • Hard Sync input with comparator so it works with any waveform
  • Linear Thru-Zero FM – jumper selectable as either DC or AC coupled (generally set as AC)
  • Voltage controlled Shape morphs the Wave output from Triangle through Saw and on to Square or Pulse (jumper selectable)
  • Extra Sine output

Size: 2FW
Current: +ve 40mA, -ve 30mA