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**From 2013 I have 'paused' the whole Modular side of things due to some life changes. Life was changing and I wasn't going to have so much time available, so I felt it was a good time to draw a line under the developments, change tack and pause for contemplation. Many learnings and approaches from my Modular work are clearly visible still in the Standalone devices that are now the focus, but for now I won't be doing more Modulars. Will I rekindle them sometime? Maybe.. but they'll likely be done a bit differently again - that's just how I work.**

Presenting to you - the BugBrand Modular system!
At the start of 2009 I announced that I was beginning to offer complete and powerful modular systems using 4mm banana patching and based on the FracRack size format. Back then I introduced around 12 brand new modules and since then the range has grown considerably, covering most of the traditional synthesis bases, but also incorporating many unique twists.

4 Frame 'Bomber' - Dec 2010

The design approach for this system really stemmed from my personal building and playing up to 2008 (and onwards) - both in terms of how to work with the circuitry and all the production aspects so that all designs could be easily 'replicated' (or at least relatively easily!). The aim is for a powerful, yet relatively compact sonic system and for a creative flow through functionality, control and presentation. The system is also colourful! Not only do the great feeling banana plugs help with the workflow of dividing signal chains, but the colour coded knobs also really aid intuitive use and interaction. Even the panel material is a lush deep blue, making use of 3mm PCB material, screen-printed with white lettering, to provide great looks and strength.

Due to the (sad) lack of other banana modulars I have always focused on providing a complete system solution - I have designed and produced a high quality and expandable 'Frame' system along with a solid power supply units. To round things off I offer a full supply of banana cables.

I designed and built this entire system from the ground up, gradually expanding over the past years and learning new techniques. The building of the systems with people has been a wonderful experience (symbiotic perhaps!) and I extend great thanks to all the system users around the world for their support, ideas and enthusiasm. It is interesting to think how the initial idea was for systems of 2 or 3 Frames in size, but already we have several 4 Frame systems going and looking onwards to further expansion.

Please note that supply of modules and systems has been and will continue to be extremely limited!
Please read the Purchasing Info section for further details.

3 Frame Desktop setup - Mar2010

2-Rack System with Plexi Endcheeks - Jan09

2-Rack System with Oak Endcheeks - May09