Binary Block Voltage

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An 8 stage logic controlled preset/sequencer.

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The Binary Block Voltage (BBV) is a logic controlled 8 stage preset selector/sequencer.

One of the eight voltage stages is selected based on the settings of the 3 logic control inputs, each of which can be set Logic Lo/0 (Mid), Hi/1 (Up), or controlled by an external signal (Down). As each logic input can be separately controlled, a variety of stage sequence variations can be created and moved between. Traditionally you might use various clock divisions to step through stages in a repeating fashion, different from sequential approaches, but comparators on each input (threshold c.+1V) mean any modular signal can be used as a control.

The three digits under each stage correspond to the 3-bit logic input or can be thought of as controlling (see extra image above):
A – toggles each pair of stages, with logic Lo/0 selecting left and logic Hi/1 selecting right
B – selects the top (logic Lo/0) or bottom (logic Hi/1) block of 4 stages
C – selects the left (logic Lo/0) or right (logic Hi/1) block of 4 stages

The output voltage can be switched for low (0 to +2V) or high ranges (0 to +10V).

The module was originally supplied with 14mm black knobs – since updated to 15mm Red-caps in keeping with other designs.

Size: 2FW
Current: +ve 25mA, -ve 10mA