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CLK2A - Division


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Introducing the new range of CLK clocking modules - the first design is a compact divider offering integer divisions from 2 to 9.

The CLK2A has an input for Clock and another for Reset - each has a 3-way switch to allow selection of External Socket / Off / or Internal Bus, plus a momentary button.

The Bus sections will come into effect once other CLK modules are completed and will provide internal 'Master' Clock and Reset connections (eg from VC-Clock Module).

While some other clocking module designs require the input signals to be square waves (eg. gate / trigger), this design features input comparators which will accept any signal that rises above the threshold of roughly +2.5 volts. Clocking and Reset occur when the input signal rises above this threshold and the outputs change as shown in the Timing Diagram with the pulse length being equal to one full clock signal. A reset signal will instantly set all outputs to Hi and counting continues on the next Clock signal.

The module can be clocked up into audio rates with a maximum clocking frequency of roughly 4 kHz.

Input Clock/Reset Threshold: c.+2.5v
Outputs: 0v Lo, +10v Hi
Width: 1FW
Power: +ve 50mA / -ve 0mA (with all LEDs lit)
User Adjustments: None

Added on Wednesday 06 January, 2010.