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The SYN2 range will cover some useful Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) beginning with this compact utility VCO with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

This unit is based on the XR2209 VCO chip which produces high quality and stable triangle waveforms which are then processed to generate sine waves and pulse waves with PWM. The rate is switchable between VCO or Low Frequency (LFO) modes. The VCO can be Sync'd from any input square-wave for rich sound.

There are two CV inputs for frequency modulation - one offers 1V/Oct response while the other has variable modulation depth. (this is generally set as DC coupled Exponential response, but internal jumpers can allow AC coupling or Linear responses too). Tuning accuracy has been tested at around 8-octaves and the design is temperature compensated.

This module aims at being a compact utility oscillator - as there is no fine-tuning control it can be slightly tricky to set precise pitches, though I have found it perfectly possible with some care.There will be a future 2-width unit in the SYN2 range which will include Fine tune and bring in further features.

While this is my own design, in reaching this I am thoroughly indebted to the wonderful works of Thomas Henry - including his XR2206 VCO design (hosted by another great, Scott Stites), his VCO Chip Cookbook (available from sMs Electronics) and his other published works.

Width: 1 FracUnit
Current: +ve 20mA / -ve 5mA

Added on Wednesday 31 December, 2008.