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PRC3A - SV Filter


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The PRC3 packs a compact but powerful punch as the BugModular's first resonant filter. It is a State Variable design offering Low/Band/High/Notch outputs with voltage-controlled Cutoff (Freq) and Resonance (Q). The design has been updated to Rev.2 version, but with no changes other than in construction.

State Variable (12db/oct) filters are quite a common sonic building block and can be found on such synths as the famous SEM. Typically they offer three separate outputs - Low/Band/High-pass - but an extra Notch (band-reject) output can easily be added by combining the Low & High-pass outputs. Resonance can be dialed from low to extreme, but the filter will not self-oscillate.

The filter features as single audio input and two output sockets - one is switchable between Low & Band-pass while the other goes between High-pass & Notch.

Cutoff Frequency is set by a main dial plus two external CV inputs - one CV input is full range 1V/Oct while the other has a depth control. Resonance also has main dial plus CV modulation with depth control.

You can 'Ping' the filter by applying a sub-audio signal with abrupt edges (eg. pulse wave) to the input - turn the resonance up to full and adjust the frequency to adjust the pitch of the ringing.

Instruction Sheet (pdf)

Input/Output: Typical bipolar +/-5V DC-coupled
Width: 1 FW
Current: +ve 20mA / -ve 20mA
User Adjustments: None

Added on Wednesday 08 April, 2009.