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CTL2 - Joystick / Touch


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The CTL2 Joystick / Touch (rev 2) module has been updated considerably from the original Joystick module of 2009. The Joystick section now offers switchable uni-polar or bi-polar response for each axis and the single Gate button has been replaced by two pressure sensitive Touch Pads similar to those found on the CTL1 Touch Panel. The two sections of the CTL2 are independent, but complimentary and are individually explained below.

Joystick Section:
The control shaft of the Joystick is a custom spun aluminium piece 35mm long and removeable via a standard M3 thread at the base. The X and Y axes behave in indentical manner and the control shaft is un-sprung.

The behaviour of each axes depends on the setting of the two switches:
Ext(ernal) / Int(ernal)
- this selects whether the Joystick controls the level of an external signal applied to the section input socket or uses an internally generated voltage reference to generate variable DC output.
Uni(polar) / Bi(polar) - the response depends on the Ext / Int setting with examples below - see the response diagram too.

EXTERNAL - UNIPOLAR: The joystick controls the level of the external signal from zero at fully left to unity gain at fully right.
EXTERNAL - BIPOLAR: The joystick controls the phase and level of the external signal. Fully left the signal is inverted with unity gain, in the middle the signal is fully attenuated and fully right the signal passes un-inverted with unity gain.

INTERNAL - UNIPOLAR: The joystick generates a DC output voltage rising from zero volts at fully left to +10 volts at fully right.
INTERNAL - BIPOLAR: The joystick generates a DC output voltage rising from -5 volts at fully left, through zero volts at centre and +5 volts at fully right.

Each axes has a bi-colour LED with green indicating positive voltage output and red indicating negative voltage output.

Touch Section:
The two Touch Plates generate DC output voltages dependent on physical touch with a maximum output voltage of +10 volts and an LED indicator. The Gate signal goes high to +10 volts whenever the corresponding plate is touched.

The sensitivity of response can be adjusted to suit the user by adjusting the trimmer at the top-left of the rear PCB. While the two plates are independent, pressing both at the same time can cause interaction.

 Width: 2FracUnits
Current Draw: +ve 80mA / -ve 20mA (maximum)

Added on Wednesday 08 April, 2009.