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UTL2 - Output Mix


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The UTL2 Output Mixer is a simple three channel mono audio mixer designed primarily to act as the system output stage.

The input channels are DC-coupled and have independent audio-taper level controls, summing the signals before two outputs. Out1 is a DC-coupled full-range mix of inputs on banana, switchable between positive and inverted phases - useful for feeding signals back through the system. The mono 1/4" jack Out2 passes through a master level control before output.

On the rear PCB are two jumpers which affect the jack output:
The Atten jumper selects either full level output or attenuates by a factor of 5 for lower level output, for example when using a sensitive input on an amplifier. Set at full level as standard.
The Coupling jumper selects either AC or DC coupling for the Out2 output socket. Set as AC coupled as standard.

Width: 1 FracUnit
Current: +ve 5mA / -ve 5mA

Added on Wednesday 31 December, 2008.