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PRC2 - BugCrusher


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The PRC2 brings the BugCrusher effect to the modular and extends its scope along the way too. BugCrushing is my term for the effect of audio rate sample & hold - this unit is a powerful sample & hold system with internal VC-clock (Audio or Low Freq ranges) along with Glide control and Balance dial.

Running at audio rates you get the powerful effect of sample-rate-reduction - the internal clock ranges from super high where no effect is heard, through hi-frequency fizzly distortion and down to low resolution sonic murk. In audio mode the Glide control acts as a simple Hi-cut EQ and the XFade acts as a balance control between dry and effected signals.

In S/H mode you get a traditional Sample & Hold unit for generating control signals - feed in a signal such as noise or an LFO and then discrete voltage steps are produced at the output on each clock step. When this output is used to modulate a VCO, for example, you get the well-known random stepping computer sounds as loved by old-school sound effects. In this mode the Glide control acts as a slew limiter, smoothing out the edges of each step. XFade, again, sets the balance between input and output.

The internal clock can also be replaced by an external squarewave clock using the Ext/Int switch.

Note: the current image shows the prototype unit with additional momentary button for triggering an event in S/H mode - this will not be present in production units.

Width: 1 FracUnit
Current: +ve 20mA / -ve 10mA

Added on Wednesday 31 December, 2008.