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UTL6C - Diode Director


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The 3rd module in the UTL6 Switch Utility series is a 5-Input OR Combiner / Router. Primarily aimed at merging, selection and distribution of clock signals, the module can give interesting results with other waveforms.

Each of the 5 Inputs pass through a low-voltage drop diode followed by a 3-way (centre off) switch. The switches allow signals to be muted or routed to one of the two Output buses.

In logic terms (ie. Clock signals) mixing signals through diodes in this way gives a logic OR function - combining the signals.

With other waveforms the diodes do two things: i) they remove all negative voltages, ii) the output is the most positive voltage at any point. The diagram highlights this showing two bipolar inputs and the resulting unipolar output.

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Added on Wednesday 21 September, 2011.