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PT Delay


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The characterful delay processor in compact size! The PT is based around the PT2399 chip - a digital processor but with quite an analogue character, at least until you down-clock it into the jittery digi-spitting realms.

See the block diagram for an understanding of the signal flow.

The Feedback path can either be Internal, recirculating from the Delay Core output, or External, where you patch the output back through some external processing. Feedback goes up to oscillation and is zener limited so that the amplitude doesn't run away.

Delay time via the main Time dial goes down to points where you clearly hear the digital grit / aliasing of the chip - it can be further pushed down to where it just outputs digital chirrups by applying further negative CV modulation.

Size: 1FW
Current: +ve 55mA, -ve 25mA

Added on Wednesday 02 October, 2019.