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1Frame Desktop Setup


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A combination of a single Frame with Desktop Endcheeks plus the MiniPower supply module. See the Accessories section for further details of the Frames and Power.

This is the perfect basis for a compact BugModular system - with the MiniPower fitted there are 10 spaces for your choice of modules.

The choice of modules is yours, naturally! You may favour a synthesis approach with several sound generators or perhaps you want to process external signals. Here are some likely module suggestions which you might include:
  • UTL2 Output Mixer - as the system uses bananas you will generally need an output module to send your audio to the outside world. While you could use the converter connections on the PSU module, the UTL2 give much better control and flexibility. Pretty much an essential first module!
  • SYN2A Utility VCO - these are compact voltage-controlled Oscillators and will probably form your main soundsource but they can also run at low-frequency rates for modulation purposes. Because of their versatile nature I recommend trying to squeeze two of them into your system.
  • ENV1 Attack/Decay - not only do these offer Envelope Generation, but they also double up as oscillators (with quite strange behaviours). Wide ranging from audio rate down to slow modulations.
  • UTL1 Dual Preamp - if you want to process external signals then you will almost certainly require a preamp module to bring the signals up to the right levels for the modular.
  • The DD modules - these 'dual dial' modules are aimed at compact utility and each feature two useful functions in a single width panel.
  • The PRC modules - these cover processing/effects duties and include the PRC1 Delay and PRC3A Resonant Filter. The PRC2 BugCrusher performs sample-rate reduction effects but also runs at sub-audio frequencies as a Sample & Hold module for modulation CV generation.
  • I don't particurlarly recommend the UTLX interface module within 1Frame systems purely because I feel the space is better used by 'proper' modules! Custom interface cables can be built if required.

Added on Friday 02 July, 2010.