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Postcard Weevil 2009 (Archive)


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**SOLD OUT - units were available 2009/10**

The PostcardWeevil2009 launches from the end of July and greatly updates the previous Postcard design while maintaining the compact sonic wonders.

The Postcard remains quite a simple Weevil, but within the diminutive c. 8 x 8 cm board there exists a joyous sonic world. As with previous Postcards, the core is still a three-osc-ring-mod setup, but several areas have been upgraded to make a more playable and rugged design:
  • Improved Dials - the new Postcard benefits from the same miniature dials used on the popular BoardWeevil. They have a great feel and give a much better indication of what the settings are.
  • Updated Line-Output - the previous Postcard had a somewhat chaotic level of line output - it would be quite quiet when running in starvation, but would jump greatly as full-power was approached. A simple extra IC chip now provides a much more stable output level while maintaining the sonic characteristics.
  • Silk-Screened Blue PCB with Gold Plated Touch-Points for improved appearance and clarity.
  • Battery Polarity Protection
  • Cardboard Presentation Box with printed instruction sheet and foam inserts.
Referring to the block diagram shown above (right): the sonic core features three lofi squarewave oscillators, each with a Pitch dial, and these oscs are combined in two quasi-ringmods. From here the signal passes through a driver/leveler before a Level (Volume) control and mono Minijack output. If no cable is plugged then the signal passes on to the onboard MiniAmp & Speaker.

A simple setup, but the real wonder comes from the two 'circuit-bent' additions of Power Starvation and Body Contacts. The Starve dial simulates the battery supply to the Osc-core running down and sends the section into audio-acrobatics. The Body Contacts link you directly to points in the circuit and as you touch different combinations, the signal flow alters in semi-controllable ways. The Postcard constantly surprises in its range of sounds.

The PostcardWeevil comes supplied with PP3 9v battery and is covered by a 60-day parts guarantee (see Terms & Conditions)

Added on Sunday 26 July, 2009.