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Powered Frame


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Special Order Only - contact me!
An optional Frame to hold several Red devices in a more convenient form with single power entry.
Offers 11FW (Frac Width) with 500mA per side bipolar power (+/-15V) - so can hold, for example, 2 x 3FW devices (eg. PT Delay / CO Filter / PEQ) and 1 5FW device (eg. StereoCompress).
It is the same Frame as is used for the Blue Modular, just with different end-cheeks.
Can be further expanded to a 2Frame setup with simple changes to cabling & end-cheeks - providing a convenient holder for multiple reds, powered from a single (supplied) worldwide 12VDC PSU [1.5A per row] - highly portable!

Note that it is not suitable for powering 'Old Blue' Modules.
Red devices can easily be taken from their existing frames - simply unscrew the four panel bolts, disconnect the MTA100 power cable and insert in the new Frame. I can not currently offer to take back old smaller frames, but can always offer Red devices as uncased modules.

Priced £155+Shipping+VAT per Frame.

Added on Friday 24 February, 2017.