Banana-to-Minijack Interface Cables

£20.00 (Incl. VAT : £24.00)

Custom cables for interfacing banana machines.

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Made to order – please email me to place an order.

60cm interface cables for interfacing between banana and 3.5mm minijack devices.
>Grounding cable- twin banana to minijack- black banana to minijack sleeve (0V/ground), white banana to minijack tip.
>Signal cable – single banana to minijack – white banana to minijack tip.

Made with Re’an (Neutrik brand) Minijack plugs – Minijacks are used as standard because it is easy to then convert up to 1/4″ if necessary.

As banana cables do not carry a 0V (ground) connection, first use a Grounding cable to establish common 0V between equipment.
Subsequent connections to the same equipment/system can then be made just with Signal cables.
To bring in another piece of equipment you need a second Grounding cable.

Two pack – 1 x Grounding, 1 x Signal – £20 (+shipping+VAT)
Quad pack – 1 x Grounding, 3 x Signal – £32 (+shipping+VAT)

Extra signal cables can be requested at £8 each.

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