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The SynthVoice paved the way for my return to modular in 2016 – I’d stopped the original ‘Old Blues’ in 2013. My initial idea was to offer pre-configured full frame setups, but when working on the subsequent Expander and ClockBox frames, I realised that returning to more freely configurable modular systems was the way to go.

The SynthVoice brings together all the elements of the classic ‘subtractive synthesis’ methods though, with full patchability, it never limits you to such linear approaches. The setup can be played standalone or thrives from external control, whether from another Modular system or an external controller/sequencer. Many of the circuits are built around the powerful V2164 quad-VCA chip which leads to the natural ‘two of most things’ – because one is never enough. In this way, the system can easily be patched for one or two voice operation without compromise (indeed there are 7 oscillating sources, so you can go even further).

The configuration provides a great starting point for a BugBrand Modular setup!

SynthVoice_Instructions PDF

You may want to add Banana Cables and/or Interface Cables to your order!

The SynthVoice combines the following modules:

Dual Envelope – two Voltage Controlled Attack-Decay/Release Envelopes which can be Gated, Triggered or set to loop (oscillate). Fast and Slow(/Slower) ranges cover audio or LFO territories (down to c.40Sec per cycle in Slower mode) – the independent Up/Down control gives very different sonic results from the regular VCOs.

3 x Compact VCO – small but powerful, stable and accurate Voltage Controlled Oscillators covering Audio and Sub-Audio ranges with four manually swept waveforms. Each Osc features precise Tune, Fine and Octave switching along with polarizing Exponential FM, 1V/Oct input and Sync input.

Dual Filter – a twin Filtering unit built around State-Variable Filters which offer Low/Band/High responses with variable resonance up to self-oscillation (which tracks 1V/Oct). The left-hand filter can be switched to sub-audio mode for glide, differentiation, or low-frequency sine-waves.

Dual Amplifier – these not only cover your standard VCA duties (DC-coupled, naturally, so fine controlling audio or sub-audio signals), but each integrates a switchable wave-shapping post stage – Wave-folding on the left, zener soft-clipping Saturation on the right.

Dual Mixing – two sections to mix your signals. The top two channel DC mixer allows polarized mixing, while the Main and Sub mix combines three inputs into two independent output audio buses with balanced 1/4″ jacks.

Powered Frame – the system’s exoskeleton not only provides a strong housing, but also holds the internal power conditioning and distribution – an external worldwide 12VDC supply is converted to internal bipolar +/-15V and distributed to each module. The DC input and 0V grounding point are mounted on the left-hand side of the back.

All modules follow the Frac-Rack standards (multiples of 1.5″ width, 5.25″ height, max 1.65″ depth) and feature PCB material front panels for clear, eye-catching and durable appearance.

The SynthVoice comes with a universal 12VDC power supply (accepts standard IEC C14 ‘kettle plug’ – 90-264VAC).

Cables for patching are not included as standard

Shipping – due to size/weight, all UK shipments will be done with Parcelforce 48, while international shipments will be done with UPS in most cases. Note that import taxes/duties may be payable and VAT is charged on all EU sales. The packed weight is 4kg with or without cables.

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The SynthVoice weighs around 2kg and measures 16.75″ x 5.25″ x 3.5″.
It is provided as standard for desktop usage but 19″ rack-mount is available as a custom option (requires changing position of DC input to the rear).
Two year parts warranty.

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