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Parametric Equalisation

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The PEQ2 updates my original PEQ (2013-15) and combines two fully Parametric EQ stages with Low & High shelving filters, producing a playable but compact device for corrective or creative equalisation.

All sections offer Cut or Boost of +/-15dB via their Gain control (centre zero). The sections are based on State-Variable Filters, each with Frequency adjustable via the larger black controls for each band, with the frequency ranges overlapping for creative shaping.

The outer stages are shelving filters to boost or tame Lows & Highs. Note the pronounced hump/dip just beyond the pass band.
Low Shelf – approx 20Hz to 500Hz
High Shelf – approx 1.5kHz to 20kHz

The two Mid bands are identical but set to cover different frequency ranges. Alongside the +/- Gain control, Bandwidth (Q) can be adjusted from wide (counterclockwise) to narrow (clockwise).
Mid1 – approx 50Hz to 1kHz
Mid2 – approx 500Hz to 10kHz

With the four gain controls set to centre position, the frequency response is approximately flat, unity gain.
The input signal is buffered before the bypass toggle switch with Active LED indicator.
The Peak indicator monitors the signal at each stage of the PEQ2 to detect signal overload.
Designed to work with line/modular level signals covering the full audio spectrum – ideal as a series or insert effect.

The PEQ2 is Mono InĀ  Mono Out.
Input – Electronically Balanced 1/4″ – impedance 20k
Output – Impedance Balanced 1/4″ – impedance 100r
No parts are voltage controlable!

Power: 12V DC 300mA, centre-positive, 2.1mm connector
(worldwide 90-250VAC wall-wart provided with interchangeable mains plug adaptors)

The PEQ2 is housed in a custom aluminium case with PCB material front & side panels
Dimensions approx 5.25″ x 4.5″ x 3.5″

The design can also be used as a module in larger setups
Current draw: +ve 40mA, -ve 40mA

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