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In June ’24, Jamaica Street Studios raised £100k to move their historic building into community ownership via a crowdfunder campaign. As a near neighbour with friends in the studios and with a strong belief in community assets, I designed the JSS Weevil to generate some funds.

The run of 12 is released at midday (BST) on 20th June with 50% of proceeds passing to the JSS campaign.
(Note, excluding VAT on UK sales).

I did many different Weevils in the earlier days of BugBrand – they were all based on a simple CMOS circuit on to which I added circuit-bend features – touchpoints & power starvation. From this simple circuitry comes a deep & exploratory sonic world – screechy, chirpy, crackly, very hands-on & non-repeatable. This particular design is most similar to the TravelWeevil from 2012.

They were always designed with an acoustic approach – the onboard mini-speaker allows instant gratification, though you can also plug in via the 1/4″ jack (sounds a bit different too).

The best way to learn is to experiment – but do also check the block diagram 😉

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