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CLK2B - Binary Divisions


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The CLK2B is another Division module, but this time you get the Binary Divisions - 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 - plus two Staircase output waves generated from the divisions.

The CLK2B has an input for Clock and another for Reset - each has a 3-way switch to allow selection of External Socket / Off / or Internal Bus, plus a momentary button.

The Bus sections will come into effect once other CLK modules are completed and will provide internal 'Master' Clock and Reset connections (eg from VC-Clock Module).

Clocking and Reset occur on the rising edge of an input and the outputs change as shown in the Timing Diagram with the Pulse Width being 50/50 equal Hi and Low. A reset signal will instantly set all outputs to Lo.

The Staircase waveforms are generated by summing the Divider outputs through R2R networks. The Stair16 output is generated from Outputs 2 through 16, while the second output is switchable between Stair32 (Outputs 2 thru 32) and Stair 64 (Outputs 2 thru 64). All staircase outputs range from 0V to +10V.

While some other clocking module designs require the input signals to be square waves (eg. gate / trigger), this design features input comparators which will accept any signal that rises above the threshold of roughly +1.5 volts. The module can be clocked up into audio rates with a maximum clocking frequency of roughly 5 kHz.

Input Clock/Reset Threshold: c.+1.5v
Outputs: 0v Lo, +10v Hi
Width: 1FW
Power: +ve 40mA / -ve 5mA (with all LEDs lit)
User Adjustments: None

Added on Thursday 17 February, 2011.