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UTL3 - Dual VCA


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The UTL3 Dual VCA is a core utility module for the system offering two independent Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCAs) which are switchable between Linear and Exponential response.

The two VCA sections are idenitcal - each features a DC-coupled input and output (for audio or control signals) plus a Modulation CV input with Depth control and a master Level control. This allows great versatility in setting up the depth of effect. The CV inputs work with a 10v range sweeping from fully closed to fully open (unity gain).

Each VCA has a PCB mount trimmer to null any DC offset (preset before shipping).

Instruction Sheet (pdf)

Width: 1 FracUnit
Current: +ve 10mA / -ve 10mA

Added on Wednesday 08 April, 2009.