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DD2 - LFO / DC Mixer


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The DD2 is a dual module offering a simple Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) and a polarizing DC Mixer in a compact form. The new Rev.2 version adds switches to couple the LFO waveforms direct into the DC Mixer so that you can achieve some interesting waveform combinations.

The LFO has two ranges for slow or fast rates (total range c. 0.04 - 20 Hz) and is switchable between Triangle or Square outputs (+/-5v buffered output signals). The Skew control is used to shape the output - for Triangle output the signal is skewed from Ramp Down through up-down triangle to Ramp Up, while for Square output the pulse width is changed between Narrow Pulse-On through 50/50 to Narrow Pulse-Off.

The DC Mixer provides two inputs (DC-coupled) with polarizing controls using centre-detent pots - turning a level control clockwise mixes a positive signal and turning it anti-clockwise mixes an inverted signal, while in the centre position no signal is passed. This proves an extremely useful module for mixing  both audio and / or control signals.

There are now two Couple switches which pass the two LFO waveforms into the two channels of the DC mixer. Not only does this allow you to combine, say, the LFO Tri-wave with some other modulation source, but you could also combine the Tri & Sqr waveforms to generate some interesting waveforms - see the scope shot images for some example waveforms.

LFO Output: +/- 5V
1 FW
Current: +ve 20mA / -ve 20mA
User Adjustments: Trimmers are provided to Null the centre detent point of the two DC Mixer channels. Insert a VCO signal into one channel, turn the level control fully up and then back down to the central position - now adjust the trimmer until absolutely no sound is output. Do the same for the other input channel. There is always a little 'play' around the centre detent position but a little wiggle should always allow you to find the true centre-off.

Added on Wednesday 31 December, 2008.