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3Frame Boot


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Three Frame with 'Boot' EndCheeks
Only available as special purchase

Three Frames with a pair of EndCheeks for desktop usage.  EndCheeks attach with standard panhead M4 bolts and are made of 0.12" (3mm) plain 5281 grade aluminium.

Also available in Blue Leatherette finish for an additional £25.

- Custom fabricated enclosure made in 0.06" (1.5mm) plain 5281 aluminium
- External dimensions (without EndCheeks): 16.50" wide, 5.25" tall, 4.00" deep
- Holds 11 FracWidth (FW) modules of 1.5" width
- Modules are fixed with standard M3 bolts (frames feature captive M3 nutserts on front lips)
- EndCheek options attach with M4 bolts (frames feature captive M4 nutserts at each end)
- Fitted with internal Power Distribution Buss with 12 x MTA100 4pin power headers [+ optional 10 x MTA156 4pin as per Blacet standard]
- Power connection from external PSU via 3pin circular locking connector on rear of frame

[NOTE: while the frames are Frac sized they are considerably shallower than those supplied by Blacet / Paia - be aware if using with modules from external manufacturers]

Added on Wednesday 23 February, 2011.