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Power Supply PSU2 (HAA15-0.8)


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The PSU2 is a safe enclosure for the standard Power One HAA15-0.8 Linear Power Supply, offering 800mA each side, +/-15V - perfect for up to 3 Frames.

Mains power is connected via a standard IEC inlet with fuse and power switch - supplies can be set up for any worldwide mains voltage. There are three locking power output connectors along with power LEDs and a system ground connection on 4mm Banana (Black). The enclosure is aluminium and sits on bolted rubber feet.

Specifications for HAA15-0.8 Supply:
+15V at 800mA, -15V at 800mA
Line Regulation +/- 0.05% for 10% change of input AC.
Load Regulation +/- 0.05% for 50% load change.
5mV p-to-p Maximum Output Ripple
300,000+ hours life expectancy
Worldwide AC Input Settings

Added on Thursday 01 July, 2010.