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Sound Devices

I have been releasing batches of handmade electronic audio devices since 2004. My main early output was a wide variety of Weevils and BugCrushers along with the WOM kit for workshop teaching events - check the Old BugBrand site for details on the early years.

Since 2013 I have moved mainly to 'The Reds' - standalone processors designed for live and/or studio work, many with CV (Control Voltage) potential. They are all designed to be played - featuring large controls and characterful sound. Note that all current designs can also be supplied as module versions to go in the Powered Frame.

If a listing says 'Sold Out' but does NOT say [archive] then it is still in production but currently out of stock. Several of the older designs here are now Archived and will not be produced in the same manner again - but designs do regularly get re-imagined, so.. To stay informed of new developments and releases, join the BugList via the Contact Page.

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W.O.M. - Workshop Osc Machine PRO (Archive)

W.O.M. - Workshop Osc Machine PRO (Archive)

**SOLD OUT - await a new workshop/teaching design** The Workshop Oscillator Machine (WOM) has been designed as a simple DIY kit to introduce some...