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Mini Power


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The Mini Power has been designed specifically for 1Frame Setups - either Desktop or 19" Rack. It runs from an external 18V AC (not DC!) wall-wart and generates a stable +/-15v bipolar supply with a maximum current of around 300mA - ie. perfect for a compact BugModular setup.

Note that the MiniPSU is currently only supplied in the 1Frame Setups, not separately.

The MiniPSU fixes into the left-hand space of a Modular Frame, leaving 10 further spaces for your choice of modules. The power is distrubuted via the power bus inside the Frame. Features from top to bottom:
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • Power input for 18V AC external wall-wart (supplied within UK/EU - see below) - 1100mA minimum required.
  • Power indicator LEDs for V+/V-
  • Common Ground connection to integrate with other systems
  • Two 1/4" jack to banana convertors - connected to the internal System Ground.

Systems supplied within the EU will receive either a UK or EU wall-wart supply rated at around 1125mA (based on location)

For US customers you must purchase your own wall-wart - it has been difficult to source them over here and it makes sense to cut down on shipping. A discount of £7.50 is given off the price for this.
Please purchase at Jameco:
Jameco - 18V AC - 1.85A - 2.1mm plug @ $11.95

Wall-wart requirements are:
18V AC output -- note, this is very different from regular DC output supplies!
Current output of at least 1100mA or more.
2.1mm Plug - avoid 2.5mm plugs!

Added on Tuesday 25 May, 2010.