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UTL6A - Passive Switches


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The UTL6A is a very simple but useful bank of manual switches for routing and control of signals.

All switches are three way, with the centre position being Off (no signal passed). All switches are bidirectional.

For the top two switches, you can switch one input to two different sources. For the lower three switches you can switch On the connection in the up position, while the down position passes the signal through a capacitor to remove any DC component. Each switch has a different cap. value (100n, 470n, 2200n as standard) and this allows gate signals to be converted into decay type shapes (this is dependent on the standard 100k input resistance on any following module). The rising edge gives a positive envelope, while the falling edge gives a negative envelope.

The module is entirely passive and has no power connection.

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Added on Wednesday 21 September, 2011.