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SYN1 - Weevil


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Now updated to Rev.2 status with increased choas in the starvation. The Weevil heart jumps into the modular world to provide a host of chaotically inspired and powerful audio and timing signals, all under voltage control. The main features are three wide-ranging squarewave VCOs with sync functions, two quasi-ring-modulators, voltage controlled power starvation and four outputs.

The VC Oscillators can be switched between audio or control / clock ranges and have individual modulation inputs with depth controls - these inputs are roughly 1V/oct when turned to full, though the simple design does not provide temperature compensation or trimmers to adjust the span. Osc2 and Osc3 can be synced to the rate of Osc1 with independent switches and each Osc has an individual output. All outputs pass through comparators so that signals are always +/-5V signals even when power is starved.

Osc1 and Osc2 are first ring-modulated and then that signal is further ring-modulated by Osc3. The main Ring output can be switched to either the first or second ring-mod stage.

The Starvation has been modified from the original Modular version as I felt that the original lacked the chaotic heart of the standalone Weevils. Full power is provided when the Starve dial is fully clockwise and this provides stable behaviour for all oscillators (though there can be slight cross-bleed between them due to their nature). As soon as power is starved, the osc behaviour becomes quite strange and unpredictable as they all begin to interact and fight for the power. Note that the CV Starve input only reacts to positive voltages, adding to the main Starve dial position - so when running in full power mode, CV Starve will have no effect.

The Stable/Unstable switch is similar to that found on the WOM and BoardWeevil designs and is something of a misnomer - in Stable mode it adds a smoothing capacitor over the starved powerline which doesn't lead to real stability, but does introduce a more slewed/wobbly modulation.

Ideas for use: The individual Osc outputs can be patched back into the various CV inputs for some chaotic cross-modulation. Even better is when a DC mixer (eg DD2) is added to mix and invert the feedback paths!
Personally, I regularly use the SYN1 as a master clock source with all oscillators in Lo range and with Oscs 2&3 sync'd to Osc1.

Some demo sounds from the original version module can be found on this MuffWiggler thread.

And a demo from the Rev.2 version by tIB:
Weevil - minihack SYN1 by t1B

Width: 2 FracUnits
Current: +ve 55mA / -ve 30mA

Added on Wednesday 31 December, 2008.