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UTL6B - Active Switches


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The UTL6B allows automated signal selection via a pair of controlable 2-way switches, along with a Flip-Flop circuit for toggle control.

Each switch section contains a bi-directional 2-way switch - the sockets are marked to indicate that they can be used either as input or output. The Hi or Lo socket is selected via the switch and offers either manual or automated selection via the Ext input socket (Low logic 0V activates the Lo socket, High logic over +1.5V activates the Hi socket). LEDs clearly indicate which socket is active.

The switch sections can accept full range bipolar signals - thus, as examples, they could be used to select two different oscillator waveforms or two different clock division rates.

The Flip-Flop section at the bottom helps provide a simple toggle control - each press of the button or rising edge via the Ext input will toggle the active states of the Out and InverseOut socekts. This section can, of course, be used as a general utility building block outside of the Switches - the toggle function is the same as a divide by two and the circuit can run up to high audio speeds.

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Added on Wednesday 21 September, 2011.