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Board Weevil (2015) [archive]


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Production finished! No more of these....

Out of production since 2012, one of the BugBrand classics resurfaces afresh for regular production - reconfigured and more powerful than ever, the Board Weevil marries the chaos of the Weevil sonic heart with a powerful Filter to create a truly portable and immersive sonic world.
On the left we have the heart of the Weevil - three lofi Squarewave Oscillators with Pitch dials and 3-way Rate switches. Osc1 can be controlled by an LDR light-sensor, while Oscs 2 & 3 can be synchronised to either of the other oscillators. The Oscs are combined through two quasi Ring-Modulators with blendable Balance control. Power starvation, with LDR control and droopy Stable switch, sends the Weevil core into hedonistic haywires, while a selection of Body Contact points allow tactile play, bridging signals in unexpected battles.

On the right is the State Variable Filter with Resonance up to Self-Oscillation - the Cutoff Frequency can be swept over the full audio range and modulated via the FMod dial from any of the 3 Oscs. The Input Drive can be adjusted down to silence, allowing signals to be jumped over into the Filter Node Body Contact points, while the output can be swept from Low-Pass to High-Pass response.

Sonic output comes either from an transformer-isolated 1/4" Jack socket with Level control, or from an onboard Mini-Speaker with independent Level control - the character of Speaker output is notably different from the line output and allows go-anywhere Weeviling.

The Board Weevil is presented uncased with surface mount circuitry exposed on the underside and measures approx. 5 x 6". Power is from a 9V PP3 Battery (included).

One year parts warranty.

Price: £160 (+ VAT in EU -> £192 inc.) + Shipping

Added on Thursday 10 December, 2015.