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OldBlue Tech (archive)

System Power
Each rack frame is joined to the central PSU(s) using a locking 3pin connector cable - supplied with each rack (36" length standard). Note the orientation notch which ensures correct connection.

Module Power
Modules are connected to the rack's internal power buss bar using 4pin MTA100 header cables - supplied with each module (7" length standard). These are polarized to ensure correct orientation. In fact only three pins are used at this stage, the 2nd Gnd connection being reserved for 'dirty ground' application if required. The colours are standard: Red = +15v // Green = Ground // Blue = -15v

Note: The BugBrand power headers are smaller than the MTA156 standard used by many module manufacturers, but custom adaptor cables are easy to construct. For any Minijack version modules sold, these will be supplied with a MTA100 to MTA156 converter cable of 18" length.

Inserting Modules
Modules are fixed into the rack frame using M3 screws (standard 10mm) supplied with each module.