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Audio/Video (archive)

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Pretty much all sounds are recorded straighting during play/experiment - files have minimal editing/processing unless specified.

BugBrand Demos
A track from the 3frame setup documented here at the MW forum - direct MP3 link here

Plenty of recordings from 2009 and 2010 given at the BugBlog here (under the mp3 label)

Overview: A long, live take showing the (?) variety of fast changing sounds possible - if you disregard the Sine-kick that comes in halfway through, then the total modules fit into a 1-rack system
Patch using: ENV1 // SYN1 // 3x SYN2A // PRC1 // DD1 // CTL1 // UTL2
Author: BugBrand // Jan 09
MP3 File: Take the Wobble

Overview: Touch control, two envelopes and two VCOs feeding back into one another. This was great fun to play, tapping and pressing on the touch panel and shifting the Env's Attack and Decay settings. It reminded me of sounds from Nobukazu Takemura's 'Scope' album (one thing that got me into weird electronic sounds)
Patch using: CTL1 // 2 x ENV1 // 2 x SYN2A
Author: BugBrand // Jan 09
MP3 File: A bit like Nobu

Overview: Env1s set to Loop mode + Att/Dec modulated to control two sinwave VCOs + delay.
Patch using: 2 x ENV1 // 2 x SYN2A // PRC1
Author: BugBrand // Jan 09
MP3 File: On a grey saturday come warm sines

Overview: Five short ringtone MP3s using sounds of the SYN1 Weevil. (Back when I went through a period on the dole, I had a New Deal advisor who suggested I should make money from selling my 'weird sounds' as ringtones - true fact!)
Patch using: SYN1 + diverse
Author: BugBrand // Jan 09
MP3 Files: RingWeevil1 // RingWeevil2 // RingWeevil3 // RingWeevil4 // RingWeevil5
Overview: A three voice patch on the two rack system - all played live with one droning VCO and then two VCOs with Touching controls.
Patch using: SYN1 // 3 x SYN2A // 2 x CTL1 // 2 x ENV1 // 2 x DD1 // DD2 // 2 x PRC1
Author: BugBrand // Jan 09
MP3 File: Jan09_ThreeVoiceAndTwoTouch

Overview: Showing control from the CTL1 Touch Panel and audio-rate subdivisions using the ENV1 Attack Decay
Patch using: SYN1 // 2 x SYN2A // 2 x CTL1 // 2 x DD1 // ENV1 // 2 x PRC1
Author: BugBrand // Jan 09
MP3 Files: Jan09_1__Touching_1 // Jan09_1__Touching_2 // Jan09_1__Touching_3

Overview: Two sin-bass parts combined - played through LowPass Gate with Attack / Decay and SYN2A pitch controlled by CTL1 Touch Panel.
Patch using: SYN2A // DD1 // CTL1 // ENV1
Author: BugBrand // Jan 09
MP3 File:  Jan09_2_DualLineSine

Overview: Control feedback on the Weevil - using a DD2 mixer to feed Osc outputs back around for chaotic instability. An individual out of the Weevil also pulses the control input of the Low Pass Gate.
Patch using: SYN1 // DD1 // DD2
Author: BugBrand // Jan 09
MP3 Files: Jan09_3_WeevilLPG_1 // Jan09_3_WeevilLPG_2 // Jan09_3_WeevilLPG_3

BetaTests: R.Quirk demos

Overview: One of the beta-testers, Richard Quirk, tried out modules from Wiard and Metalbox in these recordings influenced by the sounds of Warner Jepson and his Buchla 100 tracks. In the 4th sample you can hear the sound of the PRC1 PT Delay when around maximum delay time - real digital crunk.
Patch using: various BugModules // Wiard NoiseRing // Metalbox WaveMult
Author: R.Quirk // Jan 09
MP3 Files: Bug vs NoiseRing & WaveMult1 // Bug vs NoiseRing & WaveMult2 // Bug vs NoiseRing & WaveMult3 // Bug vs NoiseRing & WaveMult4
Overview: Beta-testing -> letting the BugBox fight against a Wiard Wogglebug!
Patch using: various modules // Wiard Wogglebug
Author: R.Quirk // Jan 09
MP3 File: BugModules & Wiard Wogglebug

Overview: Beta-testing the CTL1 Touch Panel by R Quirk
Patch using: CTL1 // SYN2A // PRC1 // DD1 // DD2 // UTL2
Author: R.Quirk // Dec 08
MP3 File: RQuirk_touchplate