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Handbuilt electronic audio devices / Sonic Works / Stuff

Latest News:

Apr10 - Haha, I only just got around to uploading all this old stuff - I changed the whole website in Jan2009 and always thought I'd transfer everything to the archives there. Turns out it was easier just to upload the whole site to a sub-folder.. Hopefully all the images and sounds etc. still work ok!

Nov08 - Release of the Workshop Osc Machine in kit form

Oct08 - Some events are coming up - see below for details...
The Knowledge of Bugs website has finally closed

26th Sept08 - I'm changing webhosts at the moment so there may be some disruption as changes occur...
Best to use the Gmail email address for all correspondence for the moment.

Sept08 - the AudioWeevil08 is now released!
More developments are brewing. Check the BugBlog for updates & pics...

Aug08 - the last months have seen semi-regular batches of the Weevil08 coming and going.
Just now I've announced the new design for the AudioWeevil08 - check for sounds and pictures
And kits for the Workshop Osc Machine will be available soon...

May08 - ..the Workshop Osc Machine

Late Apr08 - ... the big BugCrusher08 and the BugCrusherMicro.

22nd Feb 08 - ..new Weevil08

20th Dec07 - ... new PostcardWeevil08

Dec07 - ... compact BugCrusherMicro ... the BugBrandBlog

Coming Up:

Sun 21st Dec @ the County Sports Club Bristol
Silver Pyre with Tom Bugs
View the flyer here
£4 from 8pm

About BugBrand:

BugBrand is the umbrella for works by Tom Bugs, based in Bristol UK. BugBrand is all about DIY and inhabits the fertile world where art and technology (albeit somewhat cranky!) meet. The ethos is one of creative engineering - the reveling in and utilisation of a diverse array of technological methods, but combined with respect and wonder for the chance and indefinable processes tied up in music and sound. My work tends to use analogue rather than digital technology.

Audio Works:
I come from a pretty musical background. In the last few years I've passed through a number of bands, along with my solo work as Knowledge of Bugs. But electronics now keeps me busy so such projects have had to take a back seat.

I still get to record bands from time to time. Recent projects have been albums for Francois & the Atlas Mountain Ensemble and Safetyword.

I've also worked a lot as a sound engineer at the very wonderful Cube Cinema in Bristol.

The BugBrand Workshop/Studio, Bristol (April 2007)